Be You Yoga

Be relaxed. Be happy. Be free. Be you.

Join Lauren Stahly for an authentic yoga practice that will give you the power to express your true self and live the life that is unique to you.

What to Expect

Relax and release your ego at Be You Yoga

After a brief warm-up designed to improve body alignment, I will lead you in the Tridosha Balancing Series, a traditional yoga practice composed of 20 core āsanas done in a specific order.  Some variations and additional poses may be added, depending on the level and energy of the students. 

The emphasis of this series, first and foremost, is to relax. Expect to return to śavāsana (corpse pose) in between each set of āsanas, and take long, deep breaths to relax and rejuvenate.  As you become more comfortable with the series, I encourage you to make each pose your own, allowing your body to find the best way for it to flow.  It is important to  listen to your body and your self.

The second aspect of this practice is developing body awareness.  This will improve your balance and ability, but more importantly, it will transform your relationship with your body.  You will begin to understand your body’s specific needs by becoming aware of its subtle cues.  This will help you stay safe in your yoga practice and healthy in your life.

As you advance, you will delve inward, exploring your subconscious and releasing your ego.  This series will begin to feel deeply personal as you learn it intimately and require less guidance.  Here the real work begins.  Here the practice becomes what you want and need it to become. Over time, you will find freedom from your conditioning and self-imposed limitations so that you may fully express your true self.  

I strive to create a safe and meditative atmosphere for my students.  You will not hear me give unnecessary cues or try to explain at what exact centimeter I want your palm to be contacting your mat.  I will only make adjustments if I see something unsafe.  Everybody is different; therefore every āsana will look different for every body.  Please listen to your body and respect your intuition.

"Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self." - The Bhagavad Gita