Be You Yoga

Be relaxed. Be happy. Be free. Be you.

Join Lauren Stahly for an authentic yoga practice that will give you the power to express your true self and live the life that is unique to you.

About Lauren

Lauren Stahly - Be You Yoga

I received my RYT-500 yoga teacher training from Shri Kali Ashram in Goa, India, where I studied a traditional style of Tantra yoga from the Kaula system.  Learning this holistic approach to the mind and body has helped me feel more relaxed, happy, and free than ever before.  I started teaching yoga so others could feel this way too! 

As a yoga teacher, I aim to create a safe space for my students so that everyone feels free to explore his or her inner-most self and, ultimately, to express that self.  My hope is that this yoga series makes you feel absolutely amazing about being who you truly are.

Yoga should NOT be about how many fancy-looking poses you can do, or showing off a cute yoga outfit, or even how "accurately" you perform each āsana.  Yoga is not about pushing yourself to the physical limit; that is how injuries happen.  Yoga is not about being the most flexible or the most relaxed or the most anything except yourself.  Yoga is about you!

As in psychotherapy, you gain more clarity and insight into yourself the more you practice yoga.  The answers you are seeking are already within you.  It is only a matter of finding the quiet and trust within yourself to hear those answers.  I do not look at a student and see a mass of muscles and bones needing to be manipulated into various positions; I am looking for the person inside.  I want to help you explore the inner-most parts of your being and express that through movement, creating a practice in which you can find true joy. 

This traditional yoga practice has changed my life from the inside out.  That's why I'm so excited to share it!  To anyone who is looking for more in life or to those of you just looking for a more restorative and gentle yoga practice - welcome!

Advanced wheel pose - Be You Yoga

When I'm not teaching or practicing yoga, I enjoy playing with my two sweet dogs, reading non-fiction and philosophy, laughing as much as I can, cooking healthful meals, and keeping chickens, bees, and goats!